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Esmé writes songs & poetry, acts, teaches & dances. Her voice will connect you to angels, blood, birds & earth.


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About Esmé Olivia

Photo by Mary Arose at Sacred Hand Productions

Esmé Olivia grew up in occupied Tiwa Pueblo lands known as Albuquerque, NM to a Mestiza Mexican-American mother and Dutch-Jewish father. Her blood is a peace treaty she honors through prayers of dance, poetry and song.

After competing on the 2005 National Poetry Slam Champion team, she received her BA from Hampshire College in multi-disciplinary performance and arts-based education. In addition to being an artist educator with The Identity Project in Taos and Española, NM for the spring semester of 2020, Esmé has worked as a movement, theatre, music and teaching artist with Dancing Earth Creations for the past three years.

In collaboration with Rulan Tangen and other Dancing Earth artists, Esmé had the honor of supporting a group of Indigenous youth, led by Bernadette Smith, to create a dance theatre piece to honor the acorn as a cultural mainstay of the Pomo peoples and bring attention to the threatened survival of the Tan Oak trees. Esmé contributed original music and production to that project, as well as to Dancing Earth’s GROUNDWORKS in California and to the current production of BTW US. She danced and sang in SEEDS: REGENERATION at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. in 2019. She is currently a visiting artist of movement and devising for the dance program at the Institute of American Indian Arts. She looks forward to performing with Dancing Earth and Vni Dansi for Michif Medicines in the unceded territory known as Vancouver, CA this June 2020.

Esmé’s original music weaves together voice, guitar, hand drum, keyboard, and a loop station. She sings with Maya Rose. Learn more at

Photo by Dyanna Belight at Karmahigh Creations


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